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This course provides fundamental knowledge in the nature of atmospheric pollution, relative types, correlated effects, control principles, and applications.

By this criterion, the course begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of atmospheric chemicals and reactions. Then, it moves on to a discussion of the evolution of the background atmosphere interacting with the sun's spectra and radiation. Structure, composition, and characteristics of the atmosphere as well as meteorological effects are additionally introduced. Subsequently, comprehensive discussions of the six major atmospheric pollution issues (urban and industrial emission, indoor air pollution, acid deposition, climate change, global warming, and stratospheric ozone depletion) are provided.

Each of those components discusses the origin, nature, and scientifically explains related issues, their consequences, controlling routes and technologies, the inter-governmental efforts made through intervention and regulation for mitigation will be described. The course also comprises a number of practical examples and problems, approximately graphical 800 PowerPoint slides within 14 lecture presentations.

The weekly practical exercises, individual presentations, and 02 field trips reports are ideal introductory work for undergraduate and graduate students, who have been taking courses in earth science, atmospheric science, meteorology, environmental science, environmental engineering, and management. This course also offers valuable literature for researchers, lecturers, and instructors among general audiences.

The supporting e-learning channel is available in Microsoft Teams and Zoom Conferencing solutions.