Basic terms of measurement and control. Measurement and control loops in technological charts. Analysis of technological systems, mathematical modelling of processes using the mass and energy balances. Simulation of processes described by systems of ordinary differential equations and using simulation languages. Static and dynamic behaviours of technical systems and their classification. Feedback control loops, PID control, on/of control and selecting the controller. Actuator and valves. Basic principles of digital signal processing, digital and adaptive controllers. Logical control of technological processes, programmable logic controllers (PLC). Instrumentation for process measurement. Sensors, measuring transmitters and transducers, smart sensors. Virtual instrumentation. Pressure measurement and pressure transducers. Temperature measurement, thermocouples, RTD, thermistors, IR-thermometers. Level measurement, mechanical and electrical level sensors. Flow measurement, flow sensors, mass-flowmeters. Measurement of chemical properties and composition. Computer control and information industrial systems; structures, main principles of function, design.